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Healthcare for Exotic Pets in the Brampton Area

At Derrydale Animal Hospital in Brampton, we count guinea pigs, sugar gliders, rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, birds, reptiles and many others in our exotic pet family. Our veterinarians have a deep interest in exotic pets and understand, through research, education and experience exactly what is required when treating your pet. Special diagnostic and treatment equipment is often required for their care, so a focus on exotics is important.

exotic pets rodent

Mammals & Rodents

We provide treatment for all types of small pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and mice, gerbils, hedgehogs and ferrets. We commonly treat dental diseases, infections, lumps and bumps, nutritional and housing-related diseases and gastrointestinal complaints in these species. We also treat ferrets and hedgehogs for conditions such as adrenal gland disease, insulinoma, lumps and bumps, gastrointestinal foreign bodies and cancer, as well as nutritional and housing-related issues, injuries and parasites.

exotic pets chameleon


Each species of snake, turtle and lizard has its own unique requirement. Once we determine if your pet has the proper food, housing and lighting requirements we will examine it for any signs of disease, including a stool sample to check for gastro intestinal parasites, a common problem in reptiles.

exotic pets bird

Avian Care

It is very important that pet birds have regular examinations, because birds tend to have very subtle disease symptoms. We will conduct a throughout exam take a detailed history of your bird, including its age, sex and origin, length of time in the household, diet and caging practices. We may also suggest beak trimming, wing trimming and testing of the bird’s blood or stool.

Please contact us to discuss your own exotic pet and schedule an appointment.

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