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Quality Routine Pet Vaccinations & Exams in the Brampton Area

At Derrydale Animal Hospital we take measures to prevent disease whenever possible, including annual examinations, vaccinations as required, annual blood testing and annual parasite testing and prevention.


An important part of disease prevention for family pets, we work with our clients to tailor vaccinations to the needs of each individual pet. Some factors that may affect your pet’s requirements include their lifestyle, grooming or boarding habits, plans to travel within or outside of Ontario, and exposure to other animals or wildlife. Please let us know if your pet requires a special form of disease prevention.

Typical vaccinations for dogs include:


Vaccines available for cats include:

 Feline calicivirus
 Feline rhinotracheitis
 Feline leukemia


Annual pet exams allow us to identify health problems early, making treatment faster, easier and less costly. During our examination we can help you with diet selection, dental care, coat care and weight management while alerting you to any possible health issues.

Wellness Blood Testing

Wellness blood testing can be used to identify problems affecting areas such as liver, kidney, pancreas and thyroid disease. It can also be used to identify conditions such as anemia, infection and some cancers.

Parasite Prevention

Parasite detection and control is an important part of disease prevention for our pets. In the spring, we recommend a blood test which can detect heartworm, lyme disease and other parasite infections for all our canine patients. In the summer and fall, we recommend the application of a monthly topical parasite prevention which prevents fleas, internal parasites (worms), heartworm and mange. We also perform stool testing for gastrointestinal parasites and have a separate preventive and treatment products for ticks.

Make sure your pet is properly vaccinated by contacting our office to schedule an appointment.

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